My first romance ebook!

November 21, 2014

Illegal Lane Change Button 300 x 225

Chicago lawyer, Adele London, has worked hard to get where she is, but when her misogynist boss makes it clear she won’t be allowed to excel, she decides she needs a change. With the help of her best friend Karen, Adele considers her options, and only one solution keeps rising to the top: the radical one. It will require that Adele forego societal conventions and stretch into new territory. Once she commits, there’s no going back! The time has come for her to make an illegal lane change.

Genre: romance
Year written: 2014
Year first published: 2014

Where You Can Find It

This book will be published in late 2014. Watch for it!

The publisher, Silkwords, does something unique and interesting: choose-your-own-adventure romances. ILLEGAL LANE CHANGE is one of their Reader Vote stories. Silkwords will post the introduction along with several choices for where the story should go next. Readers then vote, and I fulfill the story according to their wishes. I’ll update here once the introduction has been published.

Join me for the blog tour as well, for which I’ll be writing a half-dozen interviews and guest blog posts about tantalizing topics. It takes place from December 8-15, and I’ll post the links here as they become available!

Lore Interview at GuildMag – Living Story

November 10, 2014
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Along with Scott McGough, my fellow narrative designer at ArenaNet, I recently answered some questions from GuildMag, a leading Guild Wars 2 fansite.
We talked about Lord Faren, the evil Mordrem currently destroying Tyria, and the mysterious underworld of bandits.
Read it here!

Mistresses of the Macabre – Anthology Introduction

November 1, 2014
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Genre: Introduction / Editorial
Year written: 2013
Year first published: 2013
Where You Can Find It
Mistresses of the Macabre, print anthology, by Dark Moon Books, 2013.
Order it online.
The anthology’s editor, Lori Michelle, wrote and asked me to write the introduction for her anthology of short horror stories by women authors. This coincided with the publication of DEEP CUTS, […]

World Horror Con 2015

May 21, 2014
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World Horror Convention 2015 will be in Atlanta, Georgia, and I plan to attend. What about you?

Norwescon 2014 – April 17-20

February 19, 2014

I’ll be attending Norwescon 2014 as a guest, sitting on numerous panels about world-building, subplots, and other writing- and gaming-related topics. C’mon by!

“Fear of the Dark” Re-Releasing in Ebook

February 15, 2014
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I got some good news today. The horror anthology, FEAR OF THE DARK, by HorrorBound Publications is going to be released in ebook format soon.
It contains my short story entitled “Crack-o-Doom” and was edited by Maria Grazia Cavicchioli and Jason Rolfe.
“Crack-o-Doom” is the story of a little girl who finds herself caught in a terrible […]

Clockwork Chaos anthology

October 19, 2013
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Steampunk! This anthology contains my short story “Miss Winterdove and the Erupting Eulogist,” described by SFRevu and “Lots of fun!” Check it out.

Blog Tour Stop: Trick or Treat

October 18, 2013
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These blog tour thingies are a fascinatingly modern concept, and this is the perfect time of year for one. Why? Because it reminds me of trick-or-treating. You go from “home” page to “home” page and get a little treat at each one.
If you’re here via the tour, then you stopped chez Alicia VanNoy Call‘s […]

Happy First Birthday to Guild Wars 2

August 28, 2013
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When we shipped Guild Wars 2 last year, not many of us knew what to expect in the coming year.
We’d discussed the concept of a Living World for years, but when the game was actually out there——after a brief moment to celebrate and rest up——we found we had to actually tackle the idea! It […]

Interview for Esprit D’Orr on the Nature of Magic in Tyria (Guild Wars 2)

August 10, 2013
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I recently answered lore questions posed by the French website “Esprit D’Orr.” Read it in English. (French version)

Gotta Collect ‘Em All — Short Stories, that is.

July 21, 2013
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Not long ago, I started pulling together my first collection. Okay, I’ve actually been working on it for about six months. A collection is no small undertaking, as I’ve come to realize, especially given my perfectionist tendencies and the performance anxiety that comes with releasing your first anything and wanting people to like it lots. […]