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And….we made it!

I think that was the longest month of my life! No one warned us when we got on the Kickstarter train that we would be working constantly, thinking constantly, discussing constantly. So many things to do, so many emails to write, so many blog posts, so many thank yous, and so many reminders to send. Phew!!

But, we made it. And now, we can pay our writers a full 6 cents a word, which makes us very happy! We are hoping this will attract a wide variety of awesome writers to submit, and thus, we’ll have an even more wonderful anthology in the end. So polish your stories up to their prettiest shine, and check out our submission guidelines. 🙂

I want to take a moment to thank the family and friends who supported us with such great enthusiasm. We certainly have felt loved throughout this process. We’d also like to thank those strangers who thought enough of our idea to want to help. You are all awesome and hopefully won’t be strangers for long. Smooches to all our pledges!

I also want to send two very big hugs out to my partners (E.S. Magill and Chris Marrs), who kept it together and kept me together throughout this whole whirlwind June. Love to you both!

The next stage of the process, is this: we find a publisher. Now that we have the Kickstarter out of the way, we can hunker down and begin the proposal process for finding a publisher. We feel confident that we’ll find just the right partner for this anthology.

In addition, we’ll begin the first stage of preparing to send out the rewards, which will involve gathering needed information from all those who pledged. We’ll send out a survey soon, so keep your eyes open for that!

Did you read the interviews with our Spotlight Writers? If not, then you’d better! We are so proud to have them in our anthology. Just you wait. You’re going to be blown away by their stories.

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