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[2010] Crypticon Horror Convention

June 18-20, Everett, WA

It was a whirlwind weekend of friends, zombies, and zombie friends. I sat on a panel with such impressive writers as Nick Mamatas, Cody Goodfellow, F. Paul Wilson, and Jenna M. Pitman. That was the first of several highlights for the weekend.

A small group of Wily Writers got together to read short horror stories. I read my short story “The Last Zombie”, followed by readings from Jennifer Brozek and Bruce Taylor.

Later that afternoon, I read “Saturday’s for Satan,” a new story I’ve been working on lately.

And finally, I read “Ardie Sue” for the judges of the Crypticon Undead Nation Short Story Contest. Judges included Rose O’keefe of Eraserhead Press, Nick Mamatas, and F. Paul Wilson. My story was one of two finalists in the contest, and I came in second place. The winner was Erik Tavares. His story about a husband and wife trapped in a wrecked car on breaking ice… and the monster stalking them… gave me the shivers! Erik earned a place in the Undead Nation anthology for his story. Congratulations to him!

After a busy weekend of zombie-dodging and spending far too much money in the dealer room, I came home to my kitties, and we cuddled on the couch. Ahhhhhhhhh.

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