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October 14, 2016

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notsosecretgcWe are Jen, Kate, and Angel; three gamer chicas who love puzzle adventure games. Our playthroughs are a hoot.

Join us as we shoot the shit and explore the many awesome games available for those of us with busy lives and a taste for mysteries and good stories.

Who are we? We are all folks who love games so much that we work in the games industry.

Kate Welch (, Jen Page (, and Angel McCoy (! Plus one special guest each time.

Jen Page is an actress and artist. She has worked for Wizards of the Coast and Games Omniverse. In addition, she’s had film roles in Dorkness Rising, Project London, and Revamping Doyle. Oh, and her cosplay is to die for! She stars in an amazing series of photographs in costume. Check out this video of the gorgeous gown she wore to the Ennies. She also has a Patreon for her fans. @TheJenPage on Twitter

Kate Welch is SheGeekGirl! She has been reviewing and Twitching games for years! A true gamer at heart, she has worked at various game companies, including ArenaNet, as a UI/UX designer. She brought all her expertise to bear on our Not So Secret Society Game Club logo and screen layout. She is also the model for Danika Dire. @SheGeekShow on Twitter.

Angel McCoy is a narrative designer at ArenaNet, working on Guild Wars 2. She also has an indie design group called Games Omniverse that is creating its first puzzle adventure game “Danika Dire”(expected to be done late next year). @AngelMcCoy on Twitter

We are SO excited! Three gamers and a guest! Doing a monthy Twitch stream to try out a new game, discuss, share, and laugh. You’re more than welcome to join us.

We stream on our Twitch channel. Be sure to subscribe!

Follow us on Twitter: @notsosecretgc.

Streams are archived on our Youtube site.

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