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Current Work in Progress

Dire Multiverse Audio Drama
The Dire Multiverse™ audio drama tells the ongoing story of Ohmega and her band of intrepid online friends who solve mysteries and puzzles for fun. They are on the fast track to discovering that the very nature of their reality is the biggest mystery of all! Paranormal/Suspense. Rated PG.

Most Recent Publication

Dark Rainbow Erotica Anthology
My short story "The Christ of St. Jozef Church" was published in this anthology of Erotic Horror.

My Novelette

Charlie Darwin Novelette
My novelette is about three boys, all born within days of one another who are caught up in an adventure that changes them into the men they become: Charles Darwin, Abraham Lincoln, and Edgar Allan Poe.

Making a Baby on the Riviera

Illegal Lane Change Button 300 x 225

Chicago lawyer, Adele London, has worked hard to get where she is, but when her misogynist boss makes it clear she won’t be allowed to excel, she decides she needs a change. With the help of her best friend Karen, Adele considers her options, and only one solution keeps rising to the top: the radical one. It will require that Adele forego societal conventions and stretch into new territory. Once she commits, there’s no going back! The time has come for her to make an illegal lane change.

Genre: romance
Year written: 2014
Year first published: 2014

Where You Can Find It

Part three of five now available at:

The publisher, Silkwords, does something unique and interesting: choose-your-own-adventure romances. ILLEGAL LANE CHANGE is one of their Reader Vote stories. Silkwords will post the introduction along with several choices for where the story should go next. Readers then vote, and I fulfill the story according to their wishes. I’ll update here once the introduction has been published.

Join me for the blog tour as well, for which I’ll be writing a half-dozen interviews and guest blog posts about tantalizing topics. It takes place from December 8-15, and I’ll post the links here as they become available!

mordremAlong with Scott McGough, my fellow narrative designer at ArenaNet, I recently answered some questions from GuildMag, a leading Guild Wars 2 fansite.

We talked about Lord Faren, the evil Mordrem currently destroying Tyria, and the mysterious underworld of bandits.

Read it here!

Genre: Introduction / Editorial
Year written: 2013
Year first published: 2013

Where You Can Find It

Mistresses of the Macabre, print anthology, by Dark Moon Books, 2013.

Order it online.


The anthology’s editor, Lori Michelle, wrote and asked me to write the introduction for her anthology of short horror stories by women authors. This coincided with the publication of DEEP CUTS, my own anthology that honored women horror writers, so I was already fired up on this topic. The best part of writing this introduction was reading the stories in the book. They’re a well-chosen array of horror tales, many of which stuck with me long after I’d read them.

Excerpt from the Introduction I Wrote

Women have written horror for longer than it’s been a recognized genre, and we’ve lived with horror for as long as we’ve walked the Earth. Let me explain.

The obvious connection that women have with blood—menses—curses us all. So often, men are surprised—and horrified—to discover exactly what goes on between our legs on a regular basis: the shedding of linings, the gushes of blood, and the pain through which we suffer time and again, as predictably as the rising of the moon. We hide it so well, most of the time.

This monthly blood-letting has long been a mystery that has inspired fear, prejudice, and superstition. It has helped to solidify the line between men and women, and it has been used as an excuse for keeping women out of “men’s business.”

Richard Webster, speaking about historical superstitions in the Encyclopedia of Superstitions (Llewellyn Publications, 2008), says, “People looked at a menstruating woman with horror and awe, because although she lost blood, she continued to live. Menstruating women had to remain out of sight, as it was thought that they brought potential danger to the whole tribe. Even making eye contact with a menstruating woman was considered dangerous.”

But not all the damage was done by men. In proceedings of the Royal Society of Medicine, 1915, Raymond Crawfurd wrote an article entitled “Of Superstitions concerning Menstruation.” In this article, he describes how British farmers’ wives believed that a “menstruous woman” could not be trusted with milk because once she had touched it, it could no longer be churned into butter. They clung to this belief, despite the evidence to the contrary.

Women have carried the mark of “uncleanliness” since before the Middle Ages. Judaism, Hinduism, and Islam have histories of labeling women as “unclean.” Leviticus 12 (Old Testament) warns that a woman who has just had a boy child remains “unclean” for seven days afterward (as she is during her customary impurity [menstrual cycle]). This state is contagious, thus explaining why boys aren’t circumcised until the eighth day. The boy child is infected with his mother’s impurity until then.

World Horror Con 2015


I am already planning and saving for World Horror Con 2015. It’s the 25th anniversary of the convention, and one of my most memorable WHCs was in Atlanta in 1999. I can guess that it will be a bit magical to go back 16 years later. Will it really have been 16 years? OMG.

Norwescon 2014 – April 17-20

I’ll be guesting at Norwescon again this year. My schedule is brimming! Woo! Come on by my panels. Say hi!

My schedule:

Norwescon 37 schedule for Angel Leigh McCoy

Women in Horror
Fri 4:00pm-5:00pm Cascade 10
Women are reclaiming their place in pop culture, and Horror is no exception. With Women in Horror Recognition month getting bigger each year, what is it about the genre that leads itself to strong, capable women? Are these characters powerful role models, or just bimbos covered in blood? From Linea Quigley to Shannon Lark, join us as we discuss the role of women in horror, how it became a movement, and why you should care. — Panelists: Jennifer Brozek (M), Katie Cord, Mae Empson, Angel Leigh McCoy

How Are Games and Gamers Changing the World?
Fri 10:00pm-11:00pm Cascade 10
A discussion about the rising sun of the gamer, and all the different ways that this generation who grew up on video games has changed with how the world works. This will cover both the good and the bad. — Panelists: Hunter Mayer (M), Angel Leigh McCoy, Donna Prior, Gregory A. Wilson, Gwen Yeh

Worldbuilding 101
Sat 1:00pm-2:00pm Evergreen 1&2
How can you tell one werewolf universe from all the others? Or one alien planet from the next? We’ll talk about worldbuilding and how to make the world you’re building in your story stand out from the competition. — Panelists: Brenda Carre (M), Rhiannon Held, Nancy Kress, Pat MacEwen, Angel Leigh McCoy

Reading: Angel Leigh McCoy
Sat 10:30pm-11:00pm Cascade 1
Coquettrice. A horror story about a med student who decides to take matters into his own hands when he begins to suspect his girlfriend is cheating on him. From a collection of short stories coming in 2014. Rated R

Women in Games
Sat 4:00pm-5:00pm Cascade 7&8
Our annual discussion of women in both the games industry and gaming as a hobby. Panelists: Julie Haehn (M), Lillian Cohen-Moore, Angel Leigh McCoy, Lola Watson, Gwen Yeh

Autograph Session 1
Sat 2:00pm-3:00pm Grand 2
Our Attending Professionals are available to sign autographs. PLEASE NOTE: So that as many fans as possible can participate, we will be enforcing a three-items-at-a-time (or single-sketch) autograph limit. (Or stop me in the halls, grab me after/before a panel, etc.)

Tracking Your Fictional Universe
Sun 10:00am-11:00am Cascade 7&8
Did that character’s blue eyes just turn brown? How do writers keep track of all the little details about characters and worlds so that they aren’t forgetting things or contradicting themselves? We’ll discuss what sorts of information might be tracked, how to organize it, and how to store it. — Panelists: Diana Copland (M), Kurt Cagle, Andrea Howe, Angel Leigh McCoy

Sun 1:00pm-2:00pm Cascade 3&4
How do you choose a complementary B plot for your story–and where can you add in a C, D, and E plot? How do you know when subplots will make your story richer, and when they’ll just add clutter and confusion? Panelists: Keffy R. M. Kehrli (M), Erin Evans, Angel Leigh McCoy, Kevin Radthorne

Hope to see you there!

I got some good news today. The horror anthology, FEAR OF THE DARK, by HorrorBound Publications is going to be released in ebook format soon.

It contains my short story entitled “Crack-o-Doom” and was edited by Maria Grazia Cavicchioli and Jason Rolfe.

“Crack-o-Doom” is the story of a little girl who finds herself caught in a terrible lightning storm made all the worse by supernatural conditions that were created specifically to target her. She and her dolly spend a very long night in the woods.

HorrorBound has released the list of contributors and their bios. I’ve borrowed it from their website. Read on.

Christopher Fowler was born in Greenwich, London. He is the award-winning author of thirty novels and ten short story collections, and author of the popular Bryant & May mysteries. He has fulfilled several schoolboy fantasies, releasing a terrible Christmas pop single, becoming a male model, posing as the villain in a Batman graphic novel, running a night club, appearing in the Pan Books of Horror, and standing in for James Bond. His work divides into black comedy, horror, mystery and tales unclassifiable enough to have publishers tearing their hair out. After living in France and the USA he is now married and lives in King’s Cross, London.

Paul Kane’s genre journalism has appeared in magazines like Fangoria, SFX and Rue Morgue, and he is the author of The Hellraiser Films and Their Legacy. His short stories have been collected in Alone (In the Dark), Touching the Flame, FunnyBones and Peripheral Visions, and his novellas include Signs of Life (shortlisted for the British Fantasy Awards 2006), The Lazarus Condition (introduced by Mick Garris, creator of Masters of Horror) and RED (illustrated by Dave ‘MirrorMask’ McKean). His mass market novels Arrowhead, Broken Arrow and Arrowland detail the exploits of a post apocalyptic Robin Hood, and he is the co-editor of Hellbound Hearts – stories inspired by the Clive Barker novella that spawned Hellraiser. His story ‘Dead Time’ was turned into an episode of the Lionsgate/NBC network show Fear Itself : adapted by Steve Niles (creator of 30 Days of Night) as New Year’s Day, and directed by Darren Lynn Bousman (SAW II-IV). Paul also scripted The Opportunity, based on his own short, which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival 2009. His website, which has featured guest writers such as Stephen King, Neil Gaiman and James Herbert, can be found at www.shadow-writer.co.uk. Don’t miss Paul’s upcoming book: Shadow Writer. Available at fine bookstores in 2011.

Lisa Mannetti’s debut novel, The Gentling Box, garnered a Bram Stoker Award. She has authored a macabre gag book, 51 Fiendish Ways to Leave your Lover, as well as non-fiction books, and numerous articles and short stories in newspapers, magazines and anthologies. Recent and upcoming works (2010) include “Resurgam” in Dead Set: A Zombie Anthology; “Condemned” in Legends of the Mountain State 4; and “1926: A Fall River Halloween,” Shroud Magazine. Her story, “Everybody Wins,” was made into a short film by director Paul Leyden starring Malin Ackerman and released under the title Bye-Bye Sally. Visit Lisa on the web at www.lisamannetti.com.

Mary A. Turzillo’s Nebula winning story, “Mars Is No Place for Children,” and her novel An Old- Fashioned Martian Girl, (Analog, July – November 2004) have been selected as recreational reading on the International Space Station. Her work appears in Asimov’s, Astropoetica, Interzone, Oceans of the Mind, and anthologies and magazines in the US, Great Britain, Japan, Italy, Germany, and the Czech Republic. She lives in Berea, OH with an adorable mad scientist and two mysterious cats.

Carol Weekes has written and published fiction, primarily Horror, since 1995. A first novel, ‘Walter’s Crossing’ was released in 2007 from Naked Snake Press. This was followed by a 2nd novel, ‘Ouroboros’, co-written with Michael Kelly, that saw a 2009 hardcover release from Bloodletting Press, and is currently available as a trade paperback through Dark Regions Press. A collection of horrific tales ‘The Color of Bone’ will be released soon from Dark Regions Press. Carol lives in Gananoque, Ontario, in a 130 year old red brick farmhouse, where the construction of more grueseome tales will undoubtedly take place over the years.

Norm Rubenstein, a former litigation attorney and judge, currently resides near Phoenix, AZ. He’s an Active Member of both the Horror Writer’s Association and the International Thriller Writer’s, Inc. Norm’s authored over one hundred published book reviews, is/has been a regular reviewer for Horror World, Cemetery Dance and Dark Scribe Magazines, columnist for Shroud Magazine and Fear Zone, and served as reviewer for the Pod Of Horror podcast. Norm’s had extensive experience working as a copy editor and Associate Editor for Bloodletting Press, Cargo Cult Press, and Thunderstorm Books, and is currently employed as the Editor for Dark Regions Press. Norm’s a contributor to the recent hardcover Anthology, Thrillers: 100 Must Reads, and is currently busy working on two screenplays and a new novel collaboration with author Carol Weekes.

Angel Leigh McCoy writes speculative fiction. Her stories fall primarily within the categories of horror and dark fantasy. Recently, her fiction has appeared in the anthologies Ravens in the Library, Vile Things: Extreme Deviations of Horror, and Cobalt City Christmas. In addition, she has published stories in the print magazines Sinister Tales and Revenant Magazine. During the day, she is a writer/game designer at ArenaNet, where she is part of a vast team effort to make the coolest MMORPG ever: Guild Wars 2. At night, she serves as head editor at WilyWriters.com.

Aaron Polson currently lives in Lawrence, Kansas with his wife, two sons, and a tattooed rabbit. His stories have featured magic goldfish, monstrous beetles, and a book of lullabies for baby vampires. Several new stories are forthcoming in Shimmer, Shock Totem, Space and Time, and other publications. The Saints are Dead, a collection of weird fiction, magical realism, and the kitchen sink, is due from Aqueous Press in 2011. You can visit Aaron on the web at aaronpolson.blogspot.com.

Martin Rose lives in New Jersey, where he writes a range of fiction from the fantastic to the macabre, holds a degree in graphic design, and enjoys blurring the line between art and life. More details are available at www.MartinRoseHorror.com

Mark Leslie is a Hamilton area writer and bookseller. His short fiction has recently appeared in Necrotic Tissue, Black Ink Horror and the NORTHERN HAUNTS anthology. He is the editor of CAMPUS CHILLS, a collection of horror stories set on Canadian campuses and has a novel (I, DEATH), forthcoming from Atomic Fez publishing. Mark can be found online at www.markleslie.ca.

Charlie Loudowl was born and raised on the Canadian Great Plains where he developed an appreciation for solitude, an interest in writing, and an attraction to robots, rayguns, zombies, horror, and the weird. He currently lives in the quiet suburbs of Calgary, Alberta with his wife, twin girls, and dog, where he divides his time between writing, painting, and playing music. Loudowl is the author of The Still Beating Heart, a short story featured in the Poe-inspired anthology “Return of the Raven.”

Adrian Chamberlin’s works have appeared in Guy N Smith’s Graveyard Rendezvous, Spinetinglers.co.uk, the British Horror Novels Forum and the DF Underground, where he’s a contributing author to the Underground Rising fiction collaboration.His story Warpigs will be published in John Prescott’s M is for Monster, and Winter Sun will appear in Tasmaniac Publication’s sell-out Festive Fear 2: Global Edition.He is a founding member of Dark Continents Publishing and his first novel The Caretakers, a supernatural thriller set in a fictional Cambridge College, will be released in 2011.

Anne M. Pillsworth is a long-time resident of the Providence area, Lovecraft country, which informs many of her stories. Her short stories have appeared in Night Terrors, Bellowing Ark, Zahir, Arkham Tales and Mindflights. She is currently working on her fourth novel.

Sandra M. Odell is a 43-year old, happily married mother of two boys with special needs, an avid reader, compulsive writer, and rabid chocoholic. She enjoys asking disturbing questions and capturing people’s uncomfortable answers on the page. Her writing credits include publication in Jim Baen’s UNIVERSE, audio production in THE DRABBLECAST, and four honorable mentions from the L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future Contest. She is a Clarion 2010 graduate, and associate member of the SFWA.

Brian D. Mazur work has been published in several small press magazines. In the summer of 2009 his short story “Raven and the Darkness” appeared in Horror Bound’s anthology “Return of the Raven.” For over a year, he has headed a local writing group of no specific genre and recently joined another in a town next door.

Jason Muller is currently pursuing his teaching degree at The University of Louisiana at Lafayette. An award-winning collegiate essayist, his work has appeared in The Journal of College Writers, while his fiction has appeared in The Edge of Propinquity, A Fly in Amber, Night Chills, and Stories That Lift.

Brian Wright lives in Wales, which is probably the nicest part of the United Kingdom. He spends part of his days trying to come up with short stories, most of which turn out to be a little bit weird! His other interests include history, rock music and learning Japanese. Somehow he has managed to get one or two of his stories into print magazines like Twisted Tongue and online magazines like The Harrow.

Dave Ingalls written work has appeared in FATE, Aberrations, Nightmares, Outer Darkness, Autopsy, Black Petals, Country Discoveries, The Storyteller, Worcester Magazine, and local newspapers. Besides writing horror, he’s also shopping agents with a full-length humor/travel/non-fiction adventure story that he’s co-authored, Asleep in Wolves’ Clothing: Las Aventuras de Dos Gringos Gordos en Habana. You can learn more about it–and him–at www.DosGringosGordos.com.

Mike Fudali, born on the Ides of October, currently lives in a rural suburb far west of Chicago. He is a life long Mets fan, and therefore fully understands the concept of dealing with disappointment. He celebrates the victories of life with his patient wife and two highly energetic children. He enjoys reading all genres of fiction and everything and anything involving astrophysics, cosmology, reiki and the mysteries of why we are here. He has had his work appear in Nocturnal Ooze Magazine and continues to write short stories in between the demands of his otherwise taxing adult life.

A.D. Spencer is a graduate of The University of North Alabama but credits her true education to a teenage love affair with the supernatural. Her speculative short stories can be found in published and upcoming anthologies such as Free Range Fairy Tales, Monster Mash, Patented DNA, and Groanology 1 and 2.

Eric Dimbleby lives (with his wife and son) and works in Maine. To learn more about the works of Eric Dimbleby, visit his website at www.ericdimbleby.com.