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Rue Morgue reviewed VILE THINGS!

93_mag_coverThis is so cool! The magazine, Rue Morgue, #93, has a review of the Vile Things anthology in this issue. The review, written by Jessa Sobczuk, approves of the book. She even mentioned me and my story by name, although only because I’m the only female author in the collection. Hehe. Here are a couple excerpts (typos are mine):

The most striking fiction is often rooted directly in reality, and this is especially true for the stories found in Vile Things. Most of these tales, collected by editor Cheryl Mullenax, begin with plausible, everyday situations and then darken quickly to trap the reader in twisted supernatural plotlines that teem with the imagination’s most repulsive creations, including parasitic mutations, a spate of festering fungal rashes and many other rancid and, well, vile things.

But dismembered members aside, there are no cheap gross-outs here; even though the focus is clearly on the vile and unpalatable these don’t feel like stories that were written with the sole purpose of being labeled “extreme horror” or to merely revel in their graphic, gory descriptions. Simply put, Vile Things is every deviant horror fan’s wet dream.

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