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A Yankee ahead of and beyond her time, Miss Josephine Winterdove is a woman of many talents. Known as Jo to her friends, she loves experimenting with the mysterious. She's never short on ideas and has a house full of gadgets that make her life easier.

On her adventures, searching for ancient knowledge, she often finds herself faced with mythic guardians and modern predators.

The daughter of a French writer and an American inventor, Josephine inherited her father's patents on a number of devices used by President Lincoln's most secret agencies, and she's often asked in to consult on them.

She lives in Ipswich, Massachusetts, in a house chosen specifically for its prime positioning on an intersection of ley lines. Of course, she also benefits from the proximity of the Ipswich Hosiery Mills, which makes the most lovely stockings.

"Miss Winterdove and the Erupting Eulogist," now available in the Clockwork Chaos anthology by Dark Quest Books.

Watch here for more Winterdove stories. Coming soon.

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