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A Cobalt City Christmas Anthology …


I have a story in a Christmas anthology! The book is called Cobalt City Christmas, and my story is “Nutcracker.”

Nathan Crowder is the author of a series of novels that take place in a crazy metropolis called Cobalt City where superheroes and supervillains run rampant. The main crime-fighting unit is called the Protectorate, but other groups exist as well, less savory ones.

I love Nathan’s writing, and this world really tweaked my imagination, so when he said he was doing an anthology for the holidays, I wanted to try my hand at writing a story for it.

The combination of the holidays and superheroes turned out to be ripe with creative potential. I immediately decided to create a new hero, named Nutcracker. He’s a foul-mouthed, bad-tempered asshole with big teeth, who is mourning his true love, the late superhero Ballerina.

Now available for purchase.