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My debut collection of short horror stories

Eyes, Mouths, and Claws
The nine horror stories in this collection take you deep into lives touched by darkness. Herein, you’ll meet a grandmother with a taste for storytelling, a little girl caught in a lightning storm, and a medical intern who learns the true meaning of family–the hard way. At times gory, very often moody and intense, these tales reveal a truth about our world: evil exists, and love persists.

“The entirety of DARK WAS THE NIGHT evokes its namesake,
heart-breaking, grim, and Gothic in wide-reaching sensibilities.
More so, it’s rich in detail, vital in history and heritage,
and marks an astute triumph of literary tragedy by author Angel Leigh McCoy.”
Eric J. Guignard, award-winning author and editor,
That Which Grows Wild and Doorways to the Deadeye

“A lovely collection of poignant, thoughtful and chilling stories.”
Yvonne Navarro, author of AfterAge

“Simultaneously gritty and mythical, melancholy and powerful,
McCoy’s stories vary widely in style but are all evocative, compelling,
and mercilessly dark.”
Alan Baxter, multi-award-winning author of Served Cold and Devouring Dark

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Sample story from my horror collection
Dark was the Night

In 1918, caught between WWI and the Spanish Flu epidemic, Nurse Magdaleine returns to a military base in Brest, France, where the man she loves lies dying.

Magdaleine has a gift that allows her to see the date of a person’s death and the method of that death. Fomorian guards are escorting the spirits of the dead from Gehenna.

Can Magdaleine avoid their dark magick long enough to tell Benoît she loves him before it’s too late?

Contains mature themes.

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Changing Breeds: Wild West Tales Anthology

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The Wild West was wilder that you can imagine. As European settlers moved west across the burgeoning United States, the Changing Breeds moved west with them, seeking new opportunities and places to live in peace.

The Wyrm moved west as well. In some cases, it had already been there for a long, long time.

In the never-ending struggle against the Wyrm, the Changing Breeds will find new allies, new enemies, and new situations for which none of them will be prepared.

Changing Breeds: Wild West Tales includes:

  • 10 stories of the Changing Breeds featuring crows and cats, spiders and bats, and more – all set against the backdrop of the Wild West.
  • 10 stories of Changing Breeds by authors Aaron Rosenberg, Angel Leigh McCoy, Joyce Chng, Bill Bodden, Sarah Hans, Stephen R. Lickman, Christine Morgan, Rick Heinz, Megan Mackie, and Crystal Mazur.
  • 10 stories of the Changing Breeds finding their way in the world at a time when life was cheap, death was easy to come by, and the Wyrm was – as it always is – ever-present.



The Wyrdwood Welcome trilogy is complete and ready to read.


Charlie Darwin

Or, the Trine of 1809

Did you know that Abraham Lincoln, Charles Darwin, and Edgar Allan Poe were all born within one month of each other?

It’s true, and furthermore, at the age of 9, they were brought together by a lonely and precocious birthday girl who wanted human friends to play with.

Together, the boys had an extraordinary adventure in a magickal realm that influenced the extraordinary men they would become. This is that story, in novella form, brought to you by the Wyrdwood Historical Society.

Rated A for Awesome and for All Ages.

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Where our world ends, imagination begins.

Angel Leigh McCoy pulls stories from the ether,
decorates them with wonder,
and powers them with racing hearts.