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Viviane doesn’t have time for disembodied voices…

Or manifesting monsters! Her family relies on her. She’s in charge of a mentally ill mother, a sneaky grandfather, and a sexy (but delusional) fiancé. And yet, the whispers in her head are barging into Reality—with claws and teeth and murderous intent. When her fiancé goes missing, she’ll do anything to find him. If that means magical, mythical creatures hunt her down, then so be it. This could be the end of her life as she’s known it, but well… Consequences be damned.

by Angel Leigh McCoy
(Guild Wars 2, CONTROL, Dire Multiverse)

The first in a series of dark modern fantasy novels for the Wyrdwood Project—about a magical world that has always been there, if you know where to look.


Escape with Viviane to where nothing is what it seems.

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If you like Keri Arthur, Neil Gaiman, Kim Harrison, Karen Marie Moning, K. F. Breene, or B.R. Kingsolver, then you’ll want to experience the wyrd awakening of Viviane Rose.

Contains mature themes.


The Wyrdwood Welcome trilogy is complete and ready to read.


Charlie Darwin

Or, the Trine of 1809

Did you know that Abraham Lincoln, Charles Darwin, and Edgar Allan Poe were all born within one month of each other?

It’s true, and furthermore, at the age of 9, they were brought together by a lonely and precocious birthday girl who wanted human friends to play with.

Together, the boys had an extraordinary adventure in a magickal realm that influenced the extraordinary men they would become. This is that story, in novella form, brought to you by the Wyrdwood Historical Society.

Rated A for Awesome and for All Ages.

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Where our world ends, imagination begins.

Angel Leigh McCoy pulls stories from the ether,
decorates them with wonder,
and powers them with racing hearts.



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