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Professional Writers Organizations

  • Horror Writers Association: I’m an active member of this organization. I volunteer as an assistant web developer for them. I love this org. The HWA, more than any other professional organization, has helped me in my career as a fiction writer. The people are amazing and wonderful.

Writers Groups

  • Wily Writers: The Wily Writers is a private writers group that birthed an e-zine. These folks have become my rocks. They keep me enthused about writing and publishing. On the e-zine, we publish short spec fic in audio and text formats. In 2010, the Wily Writers e-zine will open to general submissions and will pay US$50 per story published.
  • Codex Writers Group: I’m not as active here as I’d like, yet, but this group has shown me such courteous hospitality that I’m looking forward to having the time to get to know them better. I’m honored to be counted among their ranks.
  • Critters Workshop: I can’t begin to describe how much being a part of this group has helped me with my writing. The critiques I get are always thoughtful and thought-provoking. I’ve made several friends as a result of my interactions with them via this group.