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Current Work in Progress

The Wyrdwood Project
The Wyrdwood Project
My next novel series takes place in a mythical, magickal place called Wyrdwood, where nothing is what it seems.

This is a collaborative project with the delightful Fran Friel. You can expect the first books very soon! Join the mailing list to keep up.

Most Recent Publication

Dark Rainbow Erotica Anthology
My short story "The Christ of St. Jozef Church" was published in this anthology of Erotic Horror.

My Audio Drama

Dire Multiverse Audio Drama
The Dire Multiverse™ audio drama tells the ongoing story of Ohmega and her band of intrepid online friends who solve mysteries and puzzles for fun. They are on the fast track to discovering that the very nature of their reality is the biggest mystery of all! Paranormal/Suspense. Rated PG.

Visit our Kickstarter to see all the cards and other things we’re giving as rewards to pledges.

We designed a card deck that we’ll be using in various ways to tell the story of the Dire Multiverse. There’s so much more to this story.

One of the things I love to do is help other passionate writers succeed. Recently, I was given the opportunity to share some of my own hard-earned knowledge on the topic of “How to Start Your Novel” or other storytelling project.

If you’re interested in learning more about this topic, if you’re struggling to get started on your own Great American Novel, or if you want a boost to give any storytelling project a strong foundation on which to build, take a look at the How to start your novel: 5 critical questions you must answer first article!

There is a video version coming to the same page soon, if it’s not already there!

A note on Milanote: this app has completely changed (read: improved) how I brainstorm and organize my writing projects. I cannot recommend it highly enough. I put everything in it because it’s visual (as am I), easy to use, and it doesn’t hinder my creativity in any way. Check out the “App for Creative Writing” page if you’re a writer, game designer, or RPG storyteller. You will be floored by the power suddenly at your fingertips–as I was. I now use it for ALL my creative projects. It’s my second brain.

Genre: dark fantasy

An American doctor stationed in Iquitos, Peru, does what she can to help the poor people living in the floating slum. Elements of the culture are overwhelming and horrifying to her, and she feels helpless as she watches her patients do the dangerous things that their ancestors have been doing for many generations. Only the magic of the Amazon River and the people who live along its banks can help her understand the life to which she is called.

Read an excerpt.

Soon available for Kindle

Genre: horror / suspense

Virginia, 1872. The night before her wedding, Amelia sees a horrific spirit at the groom’s mansion. The next day, she becomes Mrs. Orton Poole, wife of a much older man so she can save herself and her sister from poverty. When the ghost continues to plague her, she must find out what it wants before her life is ruined.

Read an excerpt.

Soon available for Kindle

Genre: horror / suspense

Love gets twisted and tangled when a young medical intern begins to suspect his girlfriend is cheating on him. He takes it upon himself to follow her, but when he finds out she’s involved in a dark cult, his plans for the future experience a gut-wrenching shift.

Read an excerpt.

On Kindle

Genre: political suspense

She’s a hacker with a disabled son, living in a martial state. The future looks dark, with no promise of relief from the tyranny, and when her son’s life is threatened, the mother must fight back using whatever means necessary.

Read an excerpt.

Now available for Kindle