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The Wyrdwood Project
All 3 novels in my new series are out! The Wyrdwood Welcome trilogy introduces a mythical, magickal world where nothing is what it seems.
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Short Story Publication

Changing Breeds: Wild West Tales Anthology
My short story "Mother's Homestead" was selected to appear in the Changing Breeds: Wild West Tales Anthology (2020). In it, a young bobcat shifter tries to find her place in a quickly changing world.

Coming Next

Dark Was The Night short story collection
A collection of short stories that will shrivel your toes and stick to your ribs. Coming in October, 2020. Any day now!

I am over the moon!  CONTROL won several awards from IGN, specifically the 2019 Game of the Year award! I couldn’t be prouder to have contributed to such an astounding project.

Remedy Entertainment, the game company known for masterful storytelling in their games, created the games QUANTUM BREAK, MAX PAYNE series, ALAN WAKE, and more. Their history of cinema-style narrative was like honey to my inner writing bee.

I traveled to Finland to meet everyone and get oriented to the I.P. Then I began creating content for the game! There’s nothing quite like starting a new project, especially one that fuels your creativity and fits your aptitudes and appetites so well! You guys are gonna LOVE this game!

As a Narrative Designer, you often create and develop non-player characters (NPCs) that help drive the story you’re telling. This is your supporting cast, the characters that bring the world to life around your player character or main character.

What I’ll talk about below comes from my experience creating NPCs for various story lengths (short to epic) and various media, including video games, fiction, table-top games (TTGs), and live-action roleplaying games (LARPs). No matter what, good story is good story, and bad story is…well, a damn shame.

What are Non-Player Characters, Really?

Truth? NPCs are storytelling tools. They’re not your best friend, not your fantasy (iiew), not your children, not your pets, not there to serve you. They may be your chance to show off, but ONLY if you’re showing off how great a narrative designer you are.

You create NPCs to serve the story you’re telling. This means every decision you make about them must pass the “ARC” test. Does taking the character in a particular direction:

  • Answer questions players/readers may have about the world and story?
  • Reinforce the story you’ve already been telling?
  • Create opportunities for future story twists and awesome story arcs?

Read the rest of the article at Gamasutra.com.

If you’re eyeballing the games industry as a destination for your career, and the “writer” or “narrative designer” job seems right up your alley, then you should know what preparations you can make in advance to better position yourself for success. I hope you find these tips helpful, and I look forward to hearing your feedback, thoughts, and success stories.

Read the rest of the article at Gamasutra.com.

Quips: Quick Tips for Game Narrative and Other Noodlings

Creating narrative for a video game has similar challenging, frustrating, and fun elements as those you encounter when putting together a jigsaw puzzle. Both tasks require critical thinking and the ability to see the big picture as well as the details.

Half the battle is learning how to evaluate each piece and determine where it belongs in the grand scheme of things. The following questions can help guide your narrative design toward stronger, more cohesive storytelling.

Read the whole article at Gamasutra.com.

We are Dani, Jen, Nellie, Pamela, and Angel; gamer chicas who love puzzle adventure games. Our playthroughs are a hoot.

Join us as we shoot the shit and explore the many awesome games available for those of us with busy lives and a taste for mysteries and good stories.

Who are we? We are all folks who love games so much that we work in the games industry.

Dani Roberge, Jen Page, Nellie Hughes, Pamela Wang, and Angel McCoy! Plus the occasional special guest!

Dani Roberge has over a decade of experience making games, and even more playing them. Coming mostly from a user interface design and art background, she tends to make (a lot of) comments about the usability of games. She believes that together, we can change the world…by shaming one bad UI at a time. When she’s not playing or making games, she’s probably out adventuring with her dog, criticizing real-world usability.

Jen Page is an actress and artist. She has worked for Wizards of the Coast and Games Omniverse. In addition, she’s had film roles in Dorkness Rising, Project London, and Revamping Doyle. Oh, and her cosplay is to die for! She stars in an amazing series of photographs in costume. Check out this video of the gorgeous gown she wore to the Ennies. She also has a Patreon for her fans. @TheJenPage on Twitter.

Nellie Hughes comes from over a decade of MMO design experience. Some of her favorite games include the Monkey Island, Bioshock, Fallout, and Kings Quest series. Her favorite things to do when she’s not working or nerding out on video games is to hang with her family traveling the world on a tight budget.

Pamela Wang is an artist & gamer. If you ever want to draw or paint with her, you can follow along with on YouTube at ArtistRage. And if you happen to want to game with her, follow her on Beam.

Angel McCoy is a writer for Remedy Entertainment, working on the mysterious game known as “P7”. She’s also creative director and narrative designer at her indie game company, Games Omniverse, working on a transmedia project in the Dire Multiverse. They are creating their first puzzle adventure game “Danika Dire”. @AngelMcCoy on Twitter

We are SO excited! Doing a monthly Twitch stream to try out a new game, discuss, share, and laugh. You’re more than welcome to join us.

We stream on our Twitch channel. Be sure to subscribe!

Follow us on Twitter: @notsosecretgc.

Streams are archived on our Youtube site.

dreampath-curse-of-swamps-collectors-edition_featureThe ladies get together with special guest Pamela Wang to play through DreamPath: Curse of the Swamps, a puzzle adventure game with glorious art and game design. Join us as we’re blown away by this beautiful and well-thought-out game.