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Egret Adventures, Nom!

I found a video on YouTube that shows a young egret who has perched on a car. The driver films the bird as he drives around a parking lot. The bird looks all around, watching the scenery go by, with the wind gently ruffling its feathers. It just stays there on the car, appearing to take great enjoyment from the ride.

Now, it’s funny and interesting that this bird would enjoy a ride around the parking lot, but what struck me as amazing and delicious was that the driver had the heart to imagine that the bird might like to go for a ride. He didn’t honk at it, didn’t turn on his windshield wipers, didn’t do anything to shoo it away. He just drove slowly around the parking lot, sacrificing time and gas, for the pleasure of an egret.

Eventually, the egret flies away, but I’m convinced that it will always remember its magical ride on the top of the strange, metal beast.

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