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Introductions, Etc.

  • Mistresses of the Macabre anthology needed an introduction, and its editor Lori Michelle asked me to write it. After reading it, I gladly agreed to give a properly macabre introduction.


Xbox game articles

Angel wrote for Xbox.com as correspondent Wireless Angel from 2002 through 2006. She was a featured game expert, tip-giver, and reviewer for the site, alongside Xbox guru Ryan Treit. In addition, she wrote Tips & Tricks and other web content for a variety of Microsoft Game Studio websites. (both print and web, incomplete listing)

– a sampling (under various pseudonyms)

Fiction & Articles written for Microsoft Game Studios websites (now dismantled):

  • Interview: “Meet Alison Stroll”
  • “Grinks on Me: An Interview” (fictional character interview)
  • “A Private’s Guide to Conker”
  • How to Slaughter Squirrels”
  • Interview: “Dan, Rarenet Editor”
  • Kameo.com – for the game “Kameo: Elements of Power’
  • Kameo’s & Kalus’s Blog – all entries
  • All Kameo site content
  • Interview: “Phil Tossell & Kameo’s Code”
  • Interview: “Mike Cawood: Cinematics”
  • Interview: “Phil Dunne: Lead Background Artist”
  • Interview: “George Andreas: Senior Designer”
  • Interview: “Chris Chamberlain: Test Lead”
  • Interview: “Mark Stevenson: Lead Artist”
  • Interview: “Chris Allcock: Writer”
  • Interview: “Who is Steve Burke?”
  • “Wozza Works Wonders at Rare Extreme”
  • Interview: “Who the Heck is Steve McFarlane”
  • Interview: “Making Be-oo-tiful Music with Robin Beanland”

Tabletop roleplaying articles:

  • “Tears for Twilight Hollow,” Dungeon Magazine, Wizards of the Coast; 2001
  • Monster Mayhem: “Tricks for Tackling Ettins” Dungeons & Dragons supplement, Wizards of the Coast Website; 2001
  • “Fight! Fight!” Forgotten Realms supplement, Wizards of the Coast Website; 2001
  • “Manifesting: A Tale” Dungeons & Dragons supplement, Wizards of the Coast Website; 2001
  • “Review of Vampire: Redemption,” Top Deck, Volume 2, Issue #11, Wizards of the Coast; 2000
  • “Tank Girl’s Chums,” Inphobia Magazine, Issue #56, White Wolf Publishing; 1995
  • Monthly book reviews, Inphobia Magazine, White Wolf Publishing, 1993-1995