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Free Stories

You can read some of my stories online. If you find a link that’s broken, please take a moment to let me know at angel.leigh.mccoy at gmail. Thanks!

  • “Braham’s Story” is a short-short glimpse into the past of Braham Eirsson, a character I created for Guild Wars 2.
  • “Rox’s Tale,” is more a vignette than a story, but it introduces Rox, one of the new heroes of Guild Wars 2.
  • “God Bloom,” audio recording by Timid Pirate Publishing, March 2011.
    Mother Nature herself becomes the instrument of our extinction and our resurrection.
  • “Oral Tradition,”
    Pseudopod Podcast, December 2010.
    When Granny died, she took all her ghost stories with her. Or, did she?
  • “The Barnes Family Reunion”
    Shadowcast Audio Anthology, October 2010.
    The Barnes Family gets together every year for a potluck and lawn games. Next year, they’ll be admiring Aunt Marge’s potato salad in Hell.
  • “Pipsqueak”
    Urban Fantasy – text only
    Pipsqueak ran away from the institution only to find herself living on the streets with an enormous black dog that only she can see stalking her. Between the institution’s goons and the dog, she’s got quite an adventure on her hands.
  • “He Said No”
    Horror – text only
    When your time has come, how do you spend your last hours? What do you search for to comfort you in your final moments?