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The Wyrdwood Welcome Trilogy

Stalking the Moon (1) | Jumping the Moon (2) | Hexing the Moon (3)


Magick is real. Monsters walk among us.

Wyrdwood, Oregon. Generations of magickal beings have lived side-by-side with humans—the very people who would hunt them down—if they knew the truth. Protected by ancient wards that camouflage their mythic ancestry, the forgotten races blend in, do business, fall in love, have children, and eat their enemies. The Wyrdwood stories delve into their hopes, desires, hungers, terrors, and—quite often—deaths.

Meet Viviane Rose

She’s a lost lamb who will lose everything if she doesn’t find her way home.

Viviane can usually handle her hallucinations, but when one of them starts killing people, Viviane discovers that nothing in her world is as mundane as she thought it was. When her fiancé goes missing—presumed dead—Viviane has to unravel a Gordian knot of lies if she hopes to survive against his enemies. Stalking the Moon is Book #1 of the Wyrdwood Welcome trilogy.

It’s a long fall from the moon, and reality will never be the same.

In Book #2, Jumping the Moon, subterfuge and treachery follow Viviane to Wyrdwood. Learning to use her new powers, she explores the vast magickal world to which she’s awakening. Arthurian mythology, the Tuatha dé Danann, and the guardians of Purgatory? It’s all so much to take in, and trouble is not waiting for her to catch up.

In Hexing the Moon, the conclusion to the Wyrdwood Welcome trilogy, Viviane risks her own life to fix the mess she created. Her new powers are blossoming, and she’s beginning to understand what it means to live with magick. It’s unclear, however, whether the benefit outweighs the cost. The secrets she uncovers have sharp edges. Can Viviane divert a war, or does her very existence herald the end of an era?


Written by award-winning writer
Angel Leigh McCoy
The World of Darkness, Guild Wars 2, CONTROL


Angel Leigh McCoy is the creative force behind the epic Wyrdwood novel series and the Dire Multiverse world, including the “Dire Multiverse” audio drama, the Danika Dire video game (in production), and various works of fiction to come. She wrote for AAA games such as CONTROL and Guild Wars 2, and her short story “Outlaws” was awarded a position in the Women’s Best Erotica of the Year 5. You can keep an eye on her whirlwind at AngelMcCoy.com and @angelmccoy on Twitter and Facebook.



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