Book Review: INVISIBLE INK -
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Angel’s adjectives: helpful and succinct

I feel compelled to tell you about this book. It was recommended to me by a friend of mine (Matthew Haley) who is a film director, and it’s wonderful.

Maybe it hit me at just the right point in my “writerly” development, or maybe it’s just an amazing book.

It’s called Invisible Ink, written by Brian McDonald.

It’s short and simple. It gets right to the point. It talks about the theme of your story, and how important it is to have one. It then goes into how to support your theme, with very clear explanation and good examples.

It has quite a few awful typos in one particular section, and I dunno what that’s about. It’s almost as if some of the text was cut and pasted into the wrong area. You’ll see what I mean. I suspect the layout person had a cat who walked on the keyboard while the person was in the loo.

Despite this somewhat shocking messiness in the one section, I am finding this book very helpful. I have known for awhile that I need to focus more on the forest and less on the trees in my writing, and this book addresses that. I’ve just finished a new story, and I already feel like my skills have improved noticeably. Just because I used the techniques he writes about in his book.

I love this book.