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Catsitter’s Conundrum

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The Catsitter’s Conundrum

Book #1 of the CATSITTER MYSTERIES series

Kitty is the mom, a cat whisperer, and a keen observer. Saddled with debt, she has taken up catsitting to pay her mortgage. When the house next to where she’s catsitting burns down and a boy goes missing, Kitty decides to get him back or die trying.

Diana is the daughter, a tech geek married to a grifter in prison for perpetuating a Ponzi scheme. With her assets frozen by the FBI, Diana has had to move back in with her mother and is trying not to let depression overwhelm her. As she job-hunts, her mom’s latest obsession is just the distraction she needs.

Muse is the cat. The king of cats in exile, to be exact. Literally. This rascally tuxedo follows Kitty around and offers keen observations on the people, places, and hijinks they encounter. He thinks he’s being helpful.

Wyrdwood is the weirdly magickal town. It provides refuge for the descendants of mythic races. Normals coexist side-by-side with modern-day elves, witches, orcs, and etcetera in a volatile melting pot. The residents are just living their lives, falling in love, and trying to make a buck. And, of course, engaging in mischief.

With insight into cat minds and red herrings galore, THE CATSITTER’S CONUNDRUM is a mystery that will keep you guessing all the way to the end.

Angel Leigh McCoy is the author and a catsitter. She has cared for hundreds of adorable felines. She brings cat-whispering wisdom, a love of mysteries, and a penchant for puzzles to the Catsitter Mysteries series.

Intriguing mysteries!
Sassy women!
Hot fellas!

Read the first book in the Catsitter Mysteries series.
Available for Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and in paperback.