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Christmas Cupid

I put Cupid in a coma! And it’s Christmas!

Jackie Li’s boyfriend breaks up with her on her birthday. Who does that? In a fury, she exits stage left and collides with Cupid, leaving him in a coma. Fueled by guilt, she takes on Cupid’s matchmaker duties and steps into a confusing, chaotic world of love and magic. As Christmas approaches, Jackie’s life is on hold, hovering at the brink of disaster. Can she pull out of her dive? Can she find three couples who have true love? Before the deadline?

After her parents died, Jackie took a job as a waitress to provide a good home for her younger brother. After the Cupid incident, she has no choice but to travel to the Gray Fox retreat in the Appalachian Mountains. As she attempts to counsel troubled couples, she realizes how much she has neglected her own needs and dreams. Helping others amidst West Virginia’s romantic beauty, Jackie may just find her own true love.

Experience a whirlwind of love, destiny, and the supernatural with this unforgettable romance!

sweet romance, modern romantasy, supernatural romance

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