Clockwork Chaos – Table of Contents Announced -
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Clockwork Chaos – Table of Contents Announced

Editor Neal Levin has announced the table of contents for his anthology entitled Clockwork Chaos.

I am so thrilled to be part of this anthology. It will be the first appearance of Miss Josephine Winterdove, a character I’ve already come to love and plan to write much more about. She is a clockwork genius, leader of the Circle of Ingenius Gentlewomen, and a staunch feminist and environmentalist (an odd thing to be in the 1890s).

In “Miss Winterdove and the Erupting Eulogist,” you’ll meet Miss Winterdove and one of her best friends as they attempt to steal the carnelian cameo off the lapel of a dead man.

I look at this list of authors, and I’m doubly excited to see the company I’ll be keeping in this book. It promises to be a wild ride!

    Table of Contents

      “The Power of Her Position” by Bernie Mojzes
      “Miss Winterdove and the Erupting Eulogist” by Angel McCoy
      “Ambergris on Ice” by Jeff Young
      “Timeless In A Bottle” by Don D’Ammassa
      “Deadly Imitation” by Patrick Thomas
      “Symphoney Magnifique” by Dylan Fox
      “The Last Yong-Shi” by Matt Dinniman
      “The Journey Within” by Gareth Jones
      “The Foxglove Broads” by Gail Gray
      “Cuckoo Moon” by Colin Harvey
      “The Ghost of Love VanMeek” by Dan Ross
      “The Countess’ Doorman” by Peter Medeiros
      “Bell, Cog, And Scandal” by Rebecca Rozakis
      “King And County” by Richard Marsden
      “Clockwork Angels” by Sarah Miller
      “A Melody For Bast” by James Chambers
      “The Curious Tale of Elizabeth Nigel” by Patricia Puckett

See what I mean?