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“EZ Access to E-zines” at Author Magazine

My article about submitting short fiction to e-zines—how to and why to—is up at Author Magazine Online. I welcome any feedback or additional information you want to add, either here or there. I think you can comment there. Not sure. Please do add your click to the article’s traffic for me and tell any friends you know who might find the article useful.

Ignore the broken formatting. They’re fixing that. 🙂


Online fiction magazines (fiction e-zines) have popped up all over the Internet and are flourishing. Electronic publishing remains a new enough medium that many writers haven’t yet explored the potential of e-zines. The expanding Internet, however, offers many amazing opportunities for the writers willing to add a few new tricks to their bags.

Initially, these online magazines had to fight the stigma that came with not being printed on paper, and they faced an uphill battle. They had to earn the respect of writers and readers in order to gain credibility. They’ve done it.

In addition to e-zines that print stories as downloadable text, many publishers (such as Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine) make audio recordings (called fiction podcasts) of the stories they purchase. People are downloading these audio recordings and listening to them while they work, drive, and relax with a margarita by the pool. They’re listening on their computers, MP3 players, phones, and other mobile devices.

Literary awards (such as the Nebula, the Hugo, and the Bram Stoker) nominate and award stories from electronic publications without prejudice. The Parsec Awards honor superiority in speculative fiction podcasting. As the first decade of the 21st century comes to a close, not only is it possible to publish short stories in the electronic arena, it’s necessary. Readers are migrating online. The publishing industry is changing. Newspapers and print magazines are closing their doors in record numbers. A successful writer will evolve as well.