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Flash Review: “The Moth Collector’s Daughter” by Ripley Patton

This short short short story is super fast to read, so if you want a moment’s delight in your life, go read it at the online magazine Reflection’s Edge. Especially if you’re a woman.

Angel’s adjectives: whimsical, realistic

I’ve been a fan of Ripley Patton’s ever since I met her, and though we are friends first, I admire her writing enough to also slip me into the Fan category. Mark my words, if she keeps writing–and I know she will–she is going to be a big name in Fantasy fiction. She has a whimsical style that is richly rooted in reality. The combination makes for stories that touch what you know with a sparkle of magic. This is life at its sharpest.

The flash fiction piece, “The Moth Collector’s Daughter,” is one of the finest examples of Ripley’s talent.

I adored this story.