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Poem: “Mon Cheri”

There’s a subtle, simple diffidence
that I see when I look in your eyes.
Mercurial self-confidence
betrays the elegance of your disguise.

I love your social impudence,
your fearless pursuit of pleasure.
One day, I’ll dive through your pretense
and salvage your secrets like sunken treasure.

Mon cheri, oh mon amour,
life sits fat on the horizon.
Let’s take a wicked detour
to where the siren-sun is risin’.

Don’t pack any bags.
You won’t need them where we’re going.
We’ll tie our hair with rags
and stroll the beach with our asses showing.

Baby, no more trial sin-samplings.
I want to dig in deep,
bend our spines like saplings
and land together in a soul-sweaty heap.

Mon cheri, oh mon amour,
together we’ll put away the pain.
Together we’ll find the cure
and clean the bloody stain.

And when night falls, midnight blue,
in that place where we’re going,
I’ll make love with you
until our bodies are moon-kissed and glowing.