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Necrotic Tissue #14

I have had the distinct honor of having a story chosen to appear in the final issue of Necrotic Tissue. As you can imagine, this is a bittersweet joy. This magazine has had an amazing run, led by editor R. Scott McCoy (no relation to me), who, through it, has helped to advance the horror industry as a whole.

I’m beyond delighted to see my name seated alongside wonderful horror author (2-time Bram Stoker finalist) Fran Friel and the awesome Matthew Fryer.

My story, “Dr. Heckle and Mr. Jive,” takes a look at an aging stand-up comedian, down on his luck, who will do anything to kick-start his career, inspire applause, and earn the love of both his son and his co-star.

You can order a copy for $10 at the Necrotic Tissue website, on Amazon US, Amazon UK, or Amazon Canada.