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The local humane society entrusted me with two kittens abandoned by their mother. One was ill and didn’t make it. The other is a little hero!

His name is Purrseus, and despite his trials and tribulations, he is a sweet, funny, and happy baby.

You can watch him on my Youtube channel. Occasionally, I stream video of him, especially in the afternoon on weekdays. I also post recorded videos. Go meet him!

Cover art for The Reluctant Undertaker, a dark-fantasy mystery by Angel Leigh McCoy

When the beat drops, we die.

Life is conspiring against Isabella. It’s hard to be the responsible one, especially when it’s the last thing you want. After her mother’s death, Isabella put her dreams on hold to run the family business—the Fandelli Funeral Home. She’s back in Wyrdwood, single, fighting with her sister, and trying hard not to act out in frustration.

“Spark raves are FIRE AF!” —famous last words, anonymous

After a moonlit rave, a young woman ends up on Isabella’s slab. The evidence suggests it was no ordinary overdose, and more deaths follow. As Isabella investigates, she attracts the attention of the killer. He chooses her to be Bacchus’s Bride, the one who will bring about human extinction.

Can you flirt with evil without losing everything?

Author Angel Leigh McCoy has a dark side that heckles her lighter side. In this supernatural suspense novel, she returns to her mytho-horror roots. Not everything that happens in Wyrdwood is pretty.

dark fantasy, mystery, supernatural suspense

I put Cupid in a coma! And it’s Christmas!

Jackie Li’s boyfriend breaks up with her on her birthday. Who does that? In a fury, she exits stage left and collides with Cupid, leaving him in a coma. Fueled by guilt, she takes on Cupid’s matchmaker duties and steps into a confusing, chaotic world of love and magic. As Christmas approaches, Jackie’s life is on hold, hovering at the brink of disaster. Can she pull out of her dive? Can she find three couples who have true love? Before the deadline?

After her parents died, Jackie took a job as a waitress to provide a good home for her younger brother. After the Cupid incident, she has no choice but to travel to the Gray Fox retreat in the Appalachian Mountains. As she attempts to counsel troubled couples, she realizes how much she has neglected her own needs and dreams. Helping others amidst West Virginia’s romantic beauty, Jackie may just find her own true love.

Experience a whirlwind of love, destiny, and the supernatural with this unforgettable romance!

sweet romance, modern romantasy, supernatural romance

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[audiobook coming soon]

Our audio drama is currently on hold while we focus on game development. However, we’ll pick up the story when the time is right. Hang in there!

Written and executive-produced by Angel Leigh McCoy.

Meet the actors!

Episode 1: Ohmega’s Call for Help


Episode 2: An Armadilly of a Mystery


Episode 3: Bland and Mundane


Episode 4: Dire Mansion


Episode 5: A Wild Hopping Tale




When is a murder not a murder?

In this light-hearted mystery series, a widowed fifty-something catsitter and her divorced thirty-something daughter solve mysteries in and around paranormal Wyrdwood, Oregon.

Kitty Kats, her daughter Diana, and of course Muse the King of Cats in exile are back to solve a murder. While catsitting for an old friend, Kitty comes face-to-face with good memories of her late husband and learns more than she ever wanted to know about her friend’s shady dealings.

Diana is investigating an illegal mining operation with Eagle the private detective, and when the fallout pulls the rug out from under Wyrdwood, a surprising group of citizens rises up to put things right.

Muse, meanwhile, is dealing with a stalker from his past. Muse is not amused.

This is the second cozy mystery in the Catsitter Mystery series. Contains light cussing–and cursing too.