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Genre: political suspense

She’s a hacker with a disabled son, living in a martial state. The future looks dark, with no promise of relief from the tyranny, and when her son’s life is threatened, the mother must fight back using whatever means necessary.

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Genre: erotic horror

Eduard Jarole has an artist’s heart and the insane obsession with creating that drives so many masters. He’s broke, lonely, and more than a little agoraphobic, so he follows in the footsteps of Pygmalion and creates his own true love out of marble. Unfortunately, his creation doesn’t love him as much as he loves her.

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  • Genre: speculative fiction
  • Year written: various
  • Year first published: 2012

Where You Can Find It


The futures of which we’re now dreaming are taking on new twists and turns of the imagination. One could easily say that each of the stories in this volume take place in the future where magic has returned, technology has abandoned us, aliens have invaded us, or we ourselves have evolved—or devolved—beyond our ability to predict.

This volume collects Year #2’s best of the best speculative fiction published in 2010 at WilyWriters.com.

It includes the following stories:

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Out of the darkness come the monsters, the mysteries, and the miracles that engage our minds and engorge our hearts.

This collection of short stories from exceptionally wily writers will take you from looking over your shoulder to pondering the wonders of the universe and back again.

The WilyWriters.com Speculative Fiction podcast chooses only the best two stories per month from its submissions and records them for your listening pleasure.

This volume collects Year #1’s best of the best.

Author Lineup:

  • Alan Baxter: “Stand Off”
  • Jennifer Brozek: “Honoring the Dead”
  • SatyrPhil Brucato: “I Feel Lucky”
  • Nathan Crowder: “Ink Calls to Ink”
  • Richard E. Dansky: “Small Cold Thing”
  • Seanan McGuire: “Julie Broise and the Devil”
  • Lisa Morton:“Sane Reaction”
  • Ripley Patton: “A Speck in the Universe”
  • Grant Stone: “The Salt Line”
  • Joel A. Sutherland: “The Death of Captain Eugene Bloodcake and the Fall of the Horrid Whore”
  • Bruce Taylor: “The Prey”
  • Mark W. Worthen: “The Minimart, the Ruger, and the Girl”

My latest project is the Dire Multiverse audio drama! It is produced by Games Omniverse in conjunction with Wily Writers.

It is a horror/paranormal romp in an ever-expanding world and consciousness, an enlightenment adventure with an ensemble cast of characters all coming to terms with the revelation that magic is real.

Have a listen to the first episode, an introduction to the story.


I’ve been circling this software for some time, but haven’t been sold that it will actually help me cut down the amount of time it takes to edit my audiobook files…until today. I’ve actually bitten the bullet and invested in it. (P.S. It’s on sale right now.)

I spent several hours with the Test version (you can test it free for a month), and I’ve found just the right combination of apps and settings that will edit out much of the clicks and crackles that I produce when recording.

What It Does

Izotope RX7 Standard is the one I bought. I don’t need the Pro version. Too many features I’ll never use. As it is, I’m unlikely to ever need more than two of the apps in the Standard version:

  • De-Crackle app
  • De-Click app

I fiddled with the settings until I got them just where I wanted them.

What It Doesn’t Do

This improved the file without warping the sound, but it didn’t perfect the recording. I will still have to go in and clean up the most agregious mouth noises and clicks. I’m okay with that. I believe that RX7 will get me more than halfway there, and that’s a big win for me and my time challenges.

If you have any questions about my experience with RX7, you can contact me on Facebook @angelmccoy.