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Resources for Submitting Horror Short Fiction

    • Customization: You can adjust numerous variables to get just the right list of markets.
    • Personal Submission Tracker: Make an account and track your story submissions here.
    • Donations. If you use the Duotrope site, please do donate. Not every time, just once a year or so. Whenever you think how great this site is and how you’d be so lost without it.
    • Search on “Horror” and “Short Story” and you get 186 matches.
    • SpecFic and Humor markets
    • Don’t let the simple web design fool you. Great resource.
    • Listed by Markets – Be sure to check more than one.
    • Ralan also sends out a handy newsletter with updates in it. Sign up on the site.
    • Donations. If you use Ralan’s site, please do donate. Same as with the Duotrope site.
  3. Horror Writers Association
    • Join. Even as an affiliate member (meaning you don’t have enough pro publications to be active), you get all the informational resources available to active members.
    • New horror markets are often announced on the HWA forums before anywhere else.
    • Great place to find out about a market before you submit.
    • The HWA forums has a place to discuss response time and to ask questions about how best to submit.
    • As a member, you can sign up to receive the HWA Internet Mailer, which is approaching its 400th issue.
    • If you’re a horror writer, this is the first org you should be joining.
  4. Locus Magazine
    • Tons of information in each issue about writing and writers.
  5. Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America
    • Horror is often considered a subset of Fantasy
    • The SFWA is another great place to learn about markets and to get advice on submitting, though it’s not horror-specific.
  6. Sonar 3 Submission Tracking Software
    • Gives you everything you need to track your submissions.
    • It’s free.
  7. Read the submission guidelines: Whenever you find a market to which you want to submit, the FIRST thing you should do is read the submission guidelines. The editors mean what they say in them. Abide by them.
  8. Don’t limit yourself. Submit to pro markets first. When they reject you, submit semi-pro, and so on down the line. Don’t start with the free markets.
  9. For an overview of the writing business, check out this collection of articles.