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Teach Your Kids to Game Week

There are many reasons you might want to turn your kids onto tabletop roleplaying games (like Dungeons and Dragons). Let me just list a few that come immediately to mind:

  • Encourage storytelling, imagination, and creativity.
  • Encourage social interaction with live people.
  • Give siblings a common interest.
  • Encourage reading.
  • Family time!
  • Keep them off the real streets and out of real dark corners.
  • You can take the game anywhere.
  • Give them a way to feel heroic.
  • Winter weather is coming, bringing lots of indoor time.
  • Give them the chance to learn problem solving and anti-zombie defense methods in the safety of their own imagination.

DriveThruRPG is doing an event called “Teach Your Kids to Game Week,” and I think it’s awesome. They’re going to be posting guest essays from Bill Walton of The Escapist and Kevin Kulp (MC of the ENnies). All week, starting Monday, November 14, 2011, they’ll be spotlighting games especially suited to children.

This is a community event, so do feel free to join in discussions on their website as well as on their Facebook page. Share game reviews, suggestions, and stories about your experiences gaming with your kids.

Visit the Teach Your Kids To Game Week page on DriveThruRPG.com to find a list of games they think are great for teaching kids about RPGs. This list is certainly not the only games good for kids, but it makes some good suggestions and will give you a place to start.