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The Anthology from Another Dimension

anotherdimensionad-300x400The stories in this anthology come from wicked minds. They’re designed as cautionary tales and have the classic horror styling of a Twilight Zone or Night Gallery episode. For the most part, we kept the gore to a minimum in favor of telling scary stories full of atmosphere and strong characterization.

Many talented people were involved in creating this book. It was a work of love for the Rod Serling tradition.

Who is Rod Serling, you ask? I direct you to Netflix where you can watch all the old episodes of The Twilight Zone. Rod Serling was considered one of the greatest television writers of his era, along with Horror’s beloved Richard Matheson, who also wrote for the show. In this anthology, you’ll also get non-fiction about Serling and his legacy. Every Horror aficionado should know Serling’s name and be familiar with his work.