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The Catsitter’s Conundrum

Expect the Unexpected!

In this light-hearted mystery series, a widowed fifty-something catsitter and her divorced thirty-something daughter solve mysteries in and around paranormal Wyrdwood, Oregon.

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absolutely delightful

“I found myself knee-deep into the story and loving it. … Kitty Katz, her Daughter Diane , and of course, Muse the King of cats, are absolutely delightful.” —Cat B on Goodreads (stars n/a)

A good mystery with a hint of romance…

“A good read which gets more and more exciting as the book progresses. … A good mystery with a hint of romance told by the characters in turn, cat included of course (I enjoyed the different views on the action).” —Anne Kavcic on Goodreads (4 stars)

…really liked the characters…

“I really liked the characters and especially the way Kitty treated the cats. The paranormal element adds an interesting twist since there [are] Normals and those with the spark living in the same town. I can’t wait for Kitty’s next cat sitting adventure.” —Jeanne on Goodreads (5 stars)

I like Kitty.

“She isn’t your usual paranormal mystery/urban fantasy heroine. She isn’t a take charge kick butt type person. She is much more mellow and go with the flow, though that hasn’t always worked to her advantage.” —Vintagebooklvr on Goodreads (3 stars)

…a purr-fectly delightful mystery…

“…a purr-fectly delightful mystery that earns a solid four stars for its quirky characters, engaging plot, and the enchanting allure of a peculiar town.” —Rahel Charikar on Goodreads (4 stars)

…turns this genre on its axis…

“Fantastic little read! Having no idea what to expect of this cosy murder, I was pleasantly surprised to find a book that turns this genre on its axis with magical characters in the town of Wyrdwood.” —Alyson Walton on Goodreads (4 stars)