The Road to gamescom: Writing the Demo -
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The Road to gamescom: Writing the Demo

“We spent a long time writing for the demo and put our hearts and souls into those scenes. It was an area where the Writing Team was really allowed to run, and we’re proud of the work we’ve done.” — Angel Leigh McCoy

There’s an interview with me and my wonderful boss up at the ArenaNet blog.

For months, we’ve been preparing to unveil a demo of the Guild Wars 2 game at gamescom, a big trade fair for interactive games and entertainment in Cologne, Germany. All that work is coming to fruition this week.

The game demo will be available for thousands of people to see, and everyone at ArenaNet will be there, playing along with them. No, we’re not all going to Germany. Instead, we’ll be playing from our offices, on German time.

Right now, as I type, I’m forcing sleep deprivation on myself so that I will be able to work the graveyard shift from tonight until Sunday. Germany’s time zone makes this necessary.

We are all so thrilled to finally get the chance to share our baby with players that we are willing to stay up all night, not just once, not just twice, but five days in a row!

Let the playing begin! Watch for me in-game, if you’re at gamescom, and drop me a note if you find any dialogue in the demo that tickles your fancy.

I’ll be tweeting about the experience, so follow me to keep up. 🙂

Game on! (How do you say that in German?)