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My voice is characterized as intimate, trustworthy, and authoritative. As a natural alto, I can go from the crime scene to the bedroom without batting an eye. I can voice multiple characters of varying age-gender combinations and have a natural talent for mimicking accents and dialects. My repertoire currently includes Appalachian, Southern, Fargo, Chicago, French, Russian, Spanish, and British.

As a writer myself, I bring certain sensitivities to the art of taking your book from printed word to audio entertainment. I've made it my business to know the craft of producing audiobooks, and I can help you get your books recorded and on sale, so you can start making more money and broadening your audience. No matter how much or how little you know, I can help. Contact me. Let's talk!

Member Discount

In service to these amazing organizations, I offer a discount. Let me know you're a member when you contact me and get a discounted rate. See my FAQ for more information on rates.


  • HWA Webmaster 2011-present

Some Books I've Narrated

Audiobook Demos

Mainstream - Excerpt from "A Personal Recommendation" by S.P. Miskowski

Horror - Excerpt from "Tardigrade" by Mike Allen

Romance - Excerpt from "Illegal Lane Change"

Fantasy - Excerpt from "Charlie Darwin"

SciFi - Excerpt from "Space, Time, Love"


I have a passion for storytelling! For six years, I was a narrator and producer at, an audio fiction site dedicated to telling awesome stories in an awesome way.

As narrative designer for Guild Wars 2, I had the distinct honor of guiding performances in professional voiceover sessions with actors such as Yuri Lowenthol, Kari Wahlgren, Troy Baker, Felicia Day, Nolan North, Julie Nathanson, and Fred Tatasciore, to name just a few.

During college, I studied languages, linguistics, and French Literature; and in my work as a professional writer, I've dedicated myself to finding the rhythm and emotion in words, as well as to building strong vocabulary and pronunciation skills.

I bring all this experience and expertise to my voice-acting career, though I am always learning and getting better. I would love nothing more than to voice your story.

Let's bring your characters to life, together.


How much do you charge?

  • HWA or SFWA members:
    • Audiobook (any length): $0.02 per word (includes all recording, editing, & production). On ACX, this is $185 per finished hour*.
  • Non-Members of HWA or SFWA:
    • Audiobook (any length): $0.03 per word (includes all recording, editing, & production). On ACX, this is $280 per finished hour*.
  • For video narrative or promos, contact me and I'll give you a quote based on the project.
  • If you're putting your book onto ACX for auditions, I'd love the opportunity to submit one for you.
    Click here to let me know!

*What is "per finished hour"?

Per finished hour, or PFH, is the number of hours playing time in the finished audiobook. For each finished hour, I do 10-12 hours of work, including prep, narration, equalizing, two clean-up passes, pick-ups where necessary, and upload of the audio files.

What are your rates if I have my own producer and only want you to narrate?

If you have an audio producer and you just want narration, then:
    • $0.01 per word for HWA and SFWA members.
    • $0.02 per word for non members.

How long does it take you to finish an audiobook?

This varies, depending on the word count and the number of different characters, but I usually request 3 months so I have time to do due diligence. I can give a better estimate once I know the project's mass. My schedule fills up quickly.

Is it better to contact you directly or go through ACX?

It's better go through ACX if you want their oversight and contract in place. Otherwise, we will make a contract between us. It's more work for both of us to do it that way. Plus, on ACX, everything is documented and well-organized. If you know you want to post your audiobook on and, then it would be best to go through ACX so this happens automatically. My rate equivalent on ACX is $185 per finished hour for HWA or SFWA members, and $280 per finished hour for non-members.

Will you narrate for a share of the royalties?

Yes, but only through ACX or another such established distributor or recording studio.

Will you come to a studio to record?

Yes. If there's travel and lodging involved, I will need these to be paid by the client.

What if I have questions about ACX? Can I contact you?

Absolutely. I'm happy to help.

Email me if you have other questions you'd like to see in my FAQ.

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