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The magickal residents of Wyrdwood live normal lives, work hard, fall in love,
raise children, and murder one another, just like the rest of us.

Wyrdwood, Oregon. Purple people—those with magick in their blood—live side-by-side with normal human neighbors. Some humans know. Some don't. Some would persecute them if they knew the truth.

Wyrdwood provides a safe haven where the hidden races can blend in. Ancient wards may camouflage their mythic ancestry, but they can't change who they are at their cores.

Catsitter Mysteries

In CATSITTER’S CURSE, Kitty, Diana, and Muse are all running for cover. The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

Catsitter Kitty Kats has one problem that’s bigger than all her others. She’s been targeted by a ruthless arsonist. Can she figure out who it is before it’s too late?

This paranormal mystery set in Wyrdwood will keep you guessing right up to the epic ending.

Wyrdwood Welcome Trilogy

Viviane sees monsters no one else sees. When her fiancé goes missing she has to navigate the dangerous waters of his paranormal family to save herself.

Viviane travels to Wyrdwood, Oregon, to learn more about who she is and why she’s developing special powers. The lessons may just kill her.

Viviane finally has a chance to fix all her mistakes, but will it be enough? How do you bring back the dead? Especially when you’re the one who’s dead.

Free Stories

Cover for the Pipsqueak noveletteA homeless teen and her pixies must flee for their lives from Normals who do not believe in magick.

Meet Pipsqueak (free download)

Cover for the Nurse Magdaleine noveletteA nurse in WWI France crosses over into Wyrd territory when she tries to find the man she loves before he dies.

Meet "Nurse Magdaleine" (free download)

Nine-year-old Charlie Darwin, Abe Lincoln, and Eddie Poe are thrown together into a magickal realm by a lonely birthday girl.

Meet Charlie Darwin (free download)

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