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The magickal residents of Wyrdwood live normal lives, work hard, fall in love,
raise children, and murder one another, just like the rest of us.

Wyrdwood, Oregon. Purple people—those with magick in their blood—live side-by-side with normal human neighbors. Some humans know. Some don't. Some would persecute them if they knew the truth.

Wyrdwood provides a safe haven where the hidden races can blend in. Ancient wards may camouflage their mythic ancestry, but they can't change who they are at their cores.



“This is the first book I´ve read from this author but it surely won´t be the last. ” —Suze on Goodreads (5 stars)

sweet, complex, and romantic

“I loved this story! It was majical, sweet, complex, and romantic with wonderful characters.” —Sandy T on Goodreads (5 stars)

…so much fun.

“Jackie is a great main character with solid characters supporting her. I thought that this story was so much fun.” —Delphia Von Heeder on Goodreads (5 stars)

…a lot of good storytelling and heart.

“A little Christmas/love magic and a lot of good story telling and heart.” —Robin on Goodreads (4 stars)

…surprises you every step of the way.

“It’s always good when you have an idea of how a book will go and it surprises you every step of the way.” —Ink on Goodreads (5 stars)

I also loved all the characters…

“I loved the selflessness of Jackie, who gave up her dreams, after her parents were killed in a car crash, to look after her younger brother.” —Helen Causer on Goodreads (5 stars)

Jackie is so screwed! She just put Cupid in a coma! As punishment, she has to take his place and find three couples with true love before Christmas is over. Set in a cozy mountain retreat in West Virginia, this story of love and magic will warm you from your toes to your nose.

Ebook on Amazon Kindle/KU

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Catsitter Mysteries

absolutely delightful

“I found myself knee-deep into the story and loving it. … Kitty Katz, her Daughter Diane , and of course, Muse the King of cats, are absolutely delightful.” —Cat B on Goodreads (stars n/a)

A good mystery with a hint of romance…

“A good read which gets more and more exciting as the book progresses. … A good mystery with a hint of romance told by the characters in turn, cat included of course (I enjoyed the different views on the action).” —Anne Kavcic on Goodreads (4 stars)

…really liked the characters…

“I really liked the characters and especially the way Kitty treated the cats. The paranormal element adds an interesting twist since there [are] Normals and those with the spark living in the same town. I can’t wait for Kitty’s next cat sitting adventure.” —Jeanne on Goodreads (5 stars)

I like Kitty.

“She isn’t your usual paranormal mystery/urban fantasy heroine. She isn’t a take charge kick butt type person. She is much more mellow and go with the flow, though that hasn’t always worked to her advantage.” —Vintagebooklvr on Goodreads (3 stars)

…a purr-fectly delightful mystery…

“…a purr-fectly delightful mystery that earns a solid four stars for its quirky characters, engaging plot, and the enchanting allure of a peculiar town.” —Rahel Charikar on Goodreads (4 stars)

…turns this genre on its axis…

“Fantastic little read! Having no idea what to expect of this cosy murder, I was pleasantly surprised to find a book that turns this genre on its axis with magical characters in the town of Wyrdwood.” —Alyson Walton on Goodreads (4 stars)

Highly entertaining.

“…cat antics hilarity. Who knew cat-sitting led to mystery… Highly entertaining. Well written, fun read.” —Jane litherland on Goodreads (5 stars)

…excited to read the next book.

“This book was really interesting how it wove what started as two separate story lines together and brought the mother and daughter duo together. I am excited to read the next book.” —Cassandra on Goodreads (5 stars)

Enticing all the way through

“I like that it was not spicy or a lot of swearing. It was enticing all the way through. I look forward to reading another book that will continue the story…” —Denise Taylor on Goodreads (5 stars)

Wyrdwood is practically a character…

“The town of Wyrdwood is practically a character along with the secondary characters.” —Nancy on Goodreads (4 stars)

Very cheeky, I loved it.

“The three main characters…are written so marvelously that you cannot help but want more of them. I see the author’s sense of humor mostly in Diana and Muse. Very cheeky, I loved it. I cannot wait until the next visit to Wyrdwood.” —Cat B on Goodreads (4 stars)

lively, lovely, exciting, and warm

“Angel Leigh McCoy writes in such a lively, lovely, exciting, and warm way that it’s hard to put the book down.” —Karin on Goodreads (5 stars)

Catsitter Kitty Kats has one problem that's bigger than all her others. She's been targeted by a ruthless arsonist. Can she figure out who it is before it's too late?

This paranormal mystery set in Wyrdwood will keep you guessing right up to the epic ending. (#1 in the series, but you can read them out of order.)

In CATSITTER'S CURSE, Kitty, Diana, and Muse are all running for cover. The sky is falling! The sky is falling! (#2 in the series, but you can read them out of order.)

Dark Wyrdwood

Highly recommend…

“This was a great first book in what could be a nice long series. Hints of deeper things to come are scattered throughout!” — Nick on Goodreads (5 stars)

Highly recommend…

“If you’re looking for a book that will capture you, The Reluctant Undertaker is the book for you. With a mix of fantasy, mystery, a bit of romance and the enthralling complexity of relationships, you’ll get lost in the adventures that occur in the town of Wyrdwood.” — Reader on Goodreads (5 stars)


“A very dark, gritty and well-plotted mix of urban fantasy and horror. There’s violence, sex, and a twisty plot that kept me reading. …it’s full of potential as the world building is intriguing and the characters well done.” — Annarella on Goodreads (4 stars)

…well written…

“…the story was well written, original, with two interesting main characters, twin sisters, Isabella and Bluciel.” — Sandy T on Goodreads (4 stars)

…twisted myths…

“If you like dark stories filled with twisted myths, The Reluctant Undertaker could be for you. I hope this is the beginning of a great series. I, for one, will keep an eye open for it.” — Christina Frøkjær on Amazon (4 stars)


Cover art for The Reluctant Undertaker, a dark-fantasy mystery by Angel Leigh McCoy

"I don't mind corpses, but I don't want to shepherd the dead. I want to give them justice. My mom and I fought about that. A lot. I stubbornly got my degree in CSI and was on my way to D.C. I'd won! Until I lost. Mom had to have the last word. She died and left me with no choice but to return to f-ing Wyrdwood and take over as mortician at our family's funeral home. And then...the dead started screaming." - Isabella Fandelli [standalone novel from Wyrdwood]

Viviane sees monsters no one else sees. When her fiancé goes missing she has to navigate the dangerous waters of his paranormal family to save herself. [#1 in the Welcome trilogy]

Viviane travels to Wyrdwood, Oregon, to learn more about who she is and why she's developing special powers. The lessons may just kill her. [#2 in the Welcome trilogy]

Viviane finally has a chance to fix all her mistakes, but will it be enough? How do you bring back the dead? Especially when you're the one who's dead. [#3 in the Welcome trilogy]


Cover for the Pipsqueak novelette

A homeless teen and her pixies must flee for their lives from Normals who do not believe in magick.

Meet Pipsqueak (free download)

Cover for the Nurse Magdaleine novelette

A nurse in WWI France crosses over into Wyrd territory when she tries to find the man she loves before he dies.

Meet "Nurse Magdaleine" (free download)

Nine-year-old Charlie Darwin, Abe Lincoln, and Eddie Poe are thrown together into a magickal realm by a lonely birthday girl.

Meet Charlie Darwin (free download)

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