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Free Stories

You can read some of my stories online. If you find a link that’s broken, please take a moment to let me know at angel.leigh.mccoy at gmail. Thanks!

    • “Braham’s Story” is a short-short glimpse into the past of Braham Eirsson, a character I created for Guild Wars 2.
    • “Rox’s Tale,” is more a vignette than a story, but it introduces Rox, one of the new heroes of Guild Wars 2.
    • “God Bloom,” audio recording by Timid Pirate Publishing, March 2011.
      Mother Nature herself becomes the instrument of our extinction and our resurrection.
    • “Oral Tradition,”
      Pseudopod Podcast, December 2010.
      When Granny died, she took all her ghost stories with her. Or, did she?
    • “The Barnes Family Reunion”
      Shadowcast Audio Anthology, October 2010.
      The Barnes Family gets together every year for a potluck and lawn games. Next year, they’ll be admiring Aunt Marge’s potato salad in Hell.

    • “He Said No”
      Horror – text only
      When your time has come, how do you spend your last hours? What do you search for to comfort you in your final moments?