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Night-Mantled: Best of Wily Writers, Vol. 1

I edited this collection of short stories.

  • Genre: speculative fiction

Where You Can Find It


I started Wily Writers in 2008. It began as a conversation with author Ripley Patton about how writers could use more support in this day and age when publishing companies were going under like crazy and no one yet trusted the emerging e-publishing industry. We formed the Wily Core Group, which is a collective of authors who share information, critiques, and encouragement. This group is and always was by invitation only.

By January 2009, I had birthed the idea of starting our own Wily e-zine and expand the help we offer to writers who are working hard to advance their careers. That first year, I approached a number of authors and asked them to submit. These were all authors that I knew were actively making progress on publishing their work, writing often, and putting themselves in the public eye. They were all serious writers, and although not all of them had numerous publications, many did.

I found talented voice actors, purchased the equipment, and set up a mini-recording studio in my dining room. Then, I began publishing.

Night-Mantled: the Best of Wily Writers, volume 1, collects the best of the best from that first year of publishing. It marks the first in a series of “Best of” anthologies that will come out in conjunction with our regular fiction podcasts.

I’m extremely proud of this volume and so happy to share it with you all. So many amazingly talented people contributed it, beginning with the authors themsleves, and including the cover model Reagan Wright, the cover layout artist A.J. Thompson, and the photographer, Dan Cole.

Authors in the Anthology

  • Alan Baxter: “Stand Off”
  • Jennifer Brozek: “Honoring the Dead”
  • SatyrPhil Brucato: “I Feel Lucky”
  • Nathan Crowder: “Ink Calls to Ink”
  • Richard E. Dansky: “Small Cold Thing”
  • Seanan McGuire: “Julie Broise and the Devil”
  • Lisa Morton:“Sane Reaction”
  • Ripley Patton: “A Speck in the Universe”
  • Grant Stone: “The Salt Line”
  • Joel A. Sutherland: “The Death of Captain Eugene Bloodcake and the Fall of the Horrid Whore”
  • Bruce Taylor: “The Prey”
  • Mark W. Worthen: “The Minimart, the Ruger, and the Girl”
  • Year written: various
  • Year first published: 2011