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Catsitter’s Curse

When is a murder not a murder?

In this light-hearted mystery series, a widowed fifty-something catsitter and her divorced thirty-something daughter solve mysteries in and around paranormal Wyrdwood, Oregon.

Kitty Kats, her daughter Diana, and of course Muse the King of Cats in exile are back to solve a murder. While catsitting for an old friend, Kitty comes face-to-face with good memories of her late husband and learns more than she ever wanted to know about her friend’s shady dealings.

Diana is investigating an illegal mining operation with Eagle the private detective, and when the fallout pulls the rug out from under Wyrdwood, a surprising group of citizens rises up to put things right.

Muse, meanwhile, is dealing with a stalker from his past. Muse is not amused.

This is the second cozy mystery in the Catsitter Mystery series. Contains light cussing–and cursing too.