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The Reluctant Undertaker

Cover art for The Reluctant Undertaker, a dark-fantasy mystery by Angel Leigh McCoy

When the beat drops, we die.

Life is conspiring against Isabella. It’s hard to be the responsible one, especially when it’s the last thing you want. After her mother’s death, Isabella put her dreams on hold to run the family business—the Fandelli Funeral Home. She’s back in Wyrdwood, single, fighting with her sister, and trying hard not to act out in frustration.

“Spark raves are FIRE AF!” —famous last words, anonymous

After a moonlit rave, a young woman ends up on Isabella’s slab. The evidence suggests it was no ordinary overdose, and more deaths follow. As Isabella investigates, she attracts the attention of the killer. He chooses her to be Bacchus’s Bride, the one who will bring about human extinction.

Can you flirt with evil without losing everything?

Author Angel Leigh McCoy has a dark side that heckles her lighter side. In this supernatural suspense novel, she returns to her mytho-horror roots. Not everything that happens in Wyrdwood is pretty.

dark fantasy, mystery, supernatural suspense

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