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Writers Do It for Love

Writers write for love. They write because they love it. They write because readers give them love in return. It’s all love. Every story is a gift given, received and reciprocated with love.

Very few writers write for money. First, the grand majority of writers never make a fortune doing it. Those rare few who make it into the big time have been touched by a fairy godmother who snubs the rest of us.

Second, money, to most writers, is nothing more than the means to more time for more writing.

That’s because we love writing more than we love money, and we love the love our readers give us.

If you read something that makes you laugh, cry, or tense with fear, be sure you reward the writer with a few kind words. Quite often, that’s the only payment they ever receive.

Take a moment today, and tell your favorite writers how much you love the gifts they’ve given you.

Stroke a writer, and you’ll see how easy it is to get them to purr.