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Review: Sookie Stackhouse Series by Charlaine Harris

I’m almost up-to-date in the Sookie Stackhouse series (currently one book to read and I’m caught up), so I wanted to give a brief review of them.

Angel’s Adjectives: Southern and Supernatural

I know my adjectives don’t tell you much in and of themselves, but these two aspects of the Sookie Stackhouse series are what makes it so much fun.

Sookie lives in Louisiana, so the locals are Southern in voice and demeanor. Sookie herself displays the false innocence that one would stereotypically expect from a Southern girl. She is the perfect Southern lady’s combination of modesty and lust. Plus, she has the honest common sense that one associates with Louisiana women. She tells it like it is and gets in trouble for it as often as it wins her friends.

Sookie is special. She has the gift of telepathy, and she uses it to solve murders. I adore Sookie, and her adventures are fun and frightening. Ms. Harris doesn’t pull any punches. Sookie gets the snot kicked out of her on a regular basis.

These books delve deeply into supernatural things. Early in the first book, Sookie meets and falls in love with a vampire who lived during the Civil War. Much of the storyline revolves around surviving in vampire society. Vampires, you see, have come out of the coffin, so to speak, and are a part of society–sometimes accepted, sometimes not.

I adored these novels, all of them. I’m totally hooked. I’ve also watched the TV show, which I find dark and delightful at every turn. It gives a more caricatured and TV-friendly storyline, but it’s still fun, fun, fun.

P.S. If you like Janet Evanovich’s novels, you will definitely like these, and vice versa.