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Masters of Horror Anthology

Welcome to a world hidden behind the blinds of reality, a landscape waiting to be molded into a thing of pain and torture.

This anthology is not for the faint-hearted. The ideas, themes, and disturbing images portrayed within these pages will send your brain into overdrive on the road to madness. This book is guaranteed to rob you of sleep at night by bringing you the nightmare you’ve most feared.

  • Carole Gill’s “Truth Hurts” tells the tale of a woman who, after writing about vampires, gets her comeuppance.
  • A man is seduced by the lamia in “Ladies of the Scale” by Bob Morgan Jr.
  • Lee Pletzer’s “Teeth” will make you think twice about taking your son fishing again.
  • A boy gets revenge on abusive adults in “Devil Inside” by William Cook.
  • We go on a Lovecraftian journey with Jason Warden’s amazing story, “Once Seen.”
  • K.K.’s “The Visitation” will have you shuddering.
  • Mark Edward Hall’s “The Fear” makes a case against hunting for a lost relative.
  • Joseph Mulak’s “Wounds” explores evil deeds for the right reasons.
  • Angel Leigh McCoy’s “The Barnes Family Reunion” is about the hypocrisy and cruelty of family dynamics and what happens when one young man decides his family needs to get together one last time.

One of my favorite parts of the book is the unrestrained gore, but if psychological is your thing, you’ll also find compelling stories
within. When this book comes out, any horror fan would be a fool not to get a copy.
~ A. R. Braun

The one thing that stands out about this anthology is that no two stories are the same. Yes, they are horror, but each one brings in a new tasty scary delight. Triskaideka Books has done an amazing job of bringing all this talent into one anthology. There is no anthology out such as this and one that needs to be on everyone’s bookshelf at one time or another. Jumping into this world of darkness only brings forward the most compelling and interesting tales seen in a long time. It is worth the read and worth keeping for years to come. ~ Shells Walter, Sonar4

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