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 I’ve worked as a professional writer for more than two decades, and thus I have written many types of content. Please view my bibliography, and here is but a small sample of my work.












Seven Lions, series of Facebook vignettes based on promotional story material

Once a great repository of wisdom, now destroyed. Now empty corridors where no light can shine. Now lost forever. Once the dark coils of suspicion and ignorance gripped every man and woman. So strong was their fear that they burned every book, every scroll, smashed every shelf. So much research, so much knowledge was lost on that fateful day. It is whispered that one archivist is thought to have survived, exiled before that great cataclysm. It is said he went into hiding, his half-Adjoran blood granting him long life but no peace. Over the centuries in his repository he hoarded the bits and pieces of knowledge, the lost arcanum of The Watchers that were retrieved, rescued, or remembered, but he dares never return to the library, for only death awaits anyone who enters those dark spaces.

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Bram Stoker Award® submission guidelines

You are submitting your or someone else’s graphic novel to the Bram Stoker Award™ Graphic Novel Jury. This does not guarantee that your story will make it to the ballot.

Before you offer your work or someone else’s for consideration, please read the Bram Stoker Award™ Etiquette Rules. Please follow the guidelines carefully.

You may upload either or both of the following per work offered:

  • an information sheet
  • a digital copy of the work–if you upload only the digital copy of the work, please make sure it contains all the required information listed in the guidelines below.

Even if you send a hard copy of the work, please submit an information sheet here to ensure jurors can all see what’s available to read. See below for instructions on what to include in your information sheet. Submit information about a work only if it was published in the current year and is eligible for a Bram Stoker Award™.

Upload files only in PDF (Adobe) or RTF (Rich Text Format). If you cannot upload your work, then upload an RTF or PDF document about your work. Be sure to give us as much of the following information as possible:

  • Appropriate Award Category
  • Publication date
  • Publisher
  • Word count
  • Author Name
  • Author E-mail
  • Author Web site address
  • Book Web site address
  • Title
  • Synopsis
  • Are you mailing a physical copy to the jury?
  • Is the work available for free online? Where?

HALT! Take your time. Make sure your recommendation is neatly formatted and complete.

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Seattle travel writing

When you visit Seattle, a buffet of activities greets you, from adventure hiking to spa lounging to ghost hunting. The Space Needle is the centerpiece, offering fine dining and glorious views of Mount Rainier and the Olympic Mountains. To enjoy the city’s cultural bright spots, visit the Seattle Art Museum or see a concert at the Seattle Symphony. The Aquarium takes you into the underwater world of the Puget Sound and Pacific Ocean. History abounds in Seattle, and you’ll learn more about it when you step into the Museum of History and Industry, the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture, and the Nordic Heritage Museum. The Underground Tour in Pike Place Market transports you to a different era, a forgotten city beneath the city. For more modern fun, spend time at the Experience Music Project or take in a game at Centurylink Stadium or Safeco Field. The sunset over the Puget Sound is a welcome sight after a day of shopping, sight-seeing, and eating in the Emerald City: Seattle.

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